What Happens To A FaceBook Account Upon Death?

While social networking has brought together long-lost friends and connected distant relatives, Facebook has filled yet another role- a memorial board for those who have passed.

We’d like to share the process of converting a FaceBook account into a memorialized account. It’s important to take these steps to ensure that the account remains active, if the family chooses to do so.

According to FaceBook support, “Facebook does not grant access to a deceased person’s account. Instead, FaceBook has a memorial status that turns the individual’s user page to a memorial page. Upon status change, friends can view and post their condolences or sympathy messages on the wall. “

Additionally, “The memorial page can be customized by close relatives upon approval by Facebook, but certain features like joining groups and posting status updates are disabled in this state. Should the family wish to have the page taken down and the account deleted, a request to FaceBook accompanied by a copy of the death certificate is required.”

Facebook already hosts thousands of memorialized accounts for deceased users. Many families are finding keeping their loved one’s FaceBook account active and placing it in memorial status allows them to share stories and memories and connect with others whose lives have also been touched by that person.

For many, FaceBook has helped support them through the holidays and other difficult times. Whenever one wants to remember or reflect on the deceased person’s life, there is now a place where comments have been left and memories shared.

To learn more about how to memorialize accounts or for the form to create a memorialized account, please go to: http://www.facebook.com/blog.php?post=163091042130.