Grief Services

Grief Support Services

After the funeral or memorial service, which is a first step in the grieving process, the days, weeks and months that follow are often difficult for mourners. During this time, the support, encouragement and guidance of others play important roles in healing from the loss of a loved one.

For generations, Horan & McConaty has supported our community by providing a range of services that ease the grieving process. We encourage you to take advantage of all offerings that are right for you or family.

In-House Grief Support Expert   HeartLight Center

In-House Grief Support Expert

Jennifer McBride, MA, FT, DM, Director of Grief Support & Community Education, can guide you and your family through this painful time. Jennifer has worked with Horan & McConaty for decades, offering grief support to the metro-Denver area. She has conducted hundreds of community education programs for hospice and hospital staff members, victim advocates, as well as other professional and lay caregivers. She is a Fellow in Thanatology of the Association for Death Education & Counseling and holds a master’s degree in Pastoral Ministry from St. Thomas Theological Seminary.

Providing information about the grieving process and helping you connect with other resources in the community, Jennifer is here to offer a range of services:

  • Support at the time of the viewing, funeral and after the service—in person, by phone or by mail
  • A listing of support groups in the Denver metro area
  • Referrals to groups, workshops, retreats, counselors and other resources
  • Invitations to holiday memorial programs and other community grief education events
  • Grief education materials for all ages

The families we serve receive all benefits at absolutely no charge.

Jennifer McBride, MA, FT, DM

HeartLight Center

The headquarters for the nonprofit HeartLight Center is located in Aurora Funeral Home on E. Dartmouth Avenue. Founded in 2001, HeartLight Center serves the general public as well as the community of caregivers who work with those who are dying and their families.

HeartLight provides affordable grief support and education for adults in our community who are experiencing the pain and sorrow following the death of a loved one. Offered in group sessions, the HeartLight Center’s support shares insights that help participants gain the strength and peace they need to move forward with their lives.

HeartLight also provides education programs for professional and volunteer caregivers in our community who work with those who are grieving.

Our purpose is not to duplicate existing programs that already serve our community. Instead, upon hearing from the public and professionals, we fill gaps by creating the type of programs they need.

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Customer Review

Gary Marr Jr


October 12, 2019

Today my brothers and I went to the Thornton location to plan our fathers service. First of all upon arriving the assigned parking was so meaningful. Then the very caring staff that wanted to know how I was doing how my brothers were doing and just letting me talk and cry. Not just rush into business. Ashley took the time to talk to each of us even my 6 month old nephew. And then the plate of cookies well almost wasn't enough you know brothers. Then the time Ashley took to make sure our father received his military recognition and benefits was great. And in choosing the casket and our keepsakes was great. Thank you Ashley for making today better for the Marr family. God Bless you.