January 14, 1958 ~ June 2, 2019

Born in: Denver, Colorado
Resided in: Littleton, Colorado

Charles Snelling Salter Robinson (Charlie) age 61, passed away in Littleton, Colorado on June 2, 2019.  He was born on January 14, 1958 in Denver, Colorado.

Charlie was employed for many years by Marriott Hotels as a consultant in the food, beverage, and catering departments initially in Boston and then relocated with the same position at the Marriott Hotel in Golden. After leaving Marriott, he attended the School of Healing Arts in Lakewood. As a certified massage therapist he practiced at the YMCA in Littleton and ultimately from his own home.

Charlie made friends everywhere he went and remained loyal even after moving halfway across the country. He was an excellent equestrian, exercising polo ponies and as groom to the players in Florida. The many pets he had over the years were a great joy to him.

Charlie is preceded in death by his parents, Keith Robinson and Sylvia (Hurd) McDonald and by his step mother Mary Ann Robinson.

He is survived by four siblings, including Evelyn Robinson, Keith Robinson, Jr. (Maureen), Laura Roberts (Steve), and Sylvia Robinson; and by step siblings, Catherine Stone, Roderick ‘Rory’ (Deeann) McDonald, Ranald ‘Randy’ McDonald, Robb (Linda Powers) McDonald; and by his step father, Roderick J. McDonald III, M.D.

A celebration of his life will take place in private at a later date. Please share your memories of Charlie and condolences with the family by signing our Guestbook below.

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  1. Dear All,

    I first met Charlie at Milton Academy in 1974 (painting scenery on the set of “Tales of Terror”), where we shared 8th and 9th grade rebel-hood and a connectedness via a sense of being somehow different from our peers. I recall with much delight our early walks in nature (and his appreciation of the tiny blue forget-me-nots that covered a certain hillside), laughing at his subtle sense of humor, and later in life long conversations on the nature of healing (we were both massage therapists), wonder at the majesty of this universe, and our love of animals.

    Charlie was the first person I officially “dated” back there in the 8th grade – and we remained friends all these many years, through both the joys and difficulties life has offered each of us. My experience of Charlie has always been that he was an incredibly generous soul – in these times of so much rushing and impersonal interaction, he always managed to have time to connect to others with an authenticity and sweetness that is rare.

    Even in his physically, emotionally and mentally trying last months, weeks and days, on our sometimes daily phone calls, Charlie always managed to ask how I was or if I needed anything he could offer. One of the kindest, gentlest human beings I have known, I count Charlie as one of the Angels in my life.

    I am wishing Charlie’s family and friends ease and deep remembering as we each find our way through this loss of his presence in physical form on Earth. Hugs to you each and all (whether I know you or not).

    Dearest Charlie,
    May your flight be swift and full of grace to wherever you are headed
    May all that caused you suffering in this life fall away like dust on a breeze
    May those you loved feel warmed by that love
    May you, wherever, however, whatever you are now, be lifted on or held and comforted by wings of Angels or the Light of The Divine
    or simply the warm depths of Mother Earth’s ever-embrace.
    I loved you and love you forever, dear Soul Friend.

    Every Blessing,
    Rev. Maya Andrea Y. Grillo Massar

  2. I first heard about Charlie coming to Milton from my Godfather Hon. George N. Hurd, Jr. Uncle George called me up and asked if I wouldn’t have Charlie over for dinner one night when he first arrived. We spent much of the that night listening to Elton John’s Honky Chateau which was the album I had in my burgeoning collection that he liked best. Many albums later, we remained friendly because of that night. I am very saddened to hear of his passing, and send my condolences to the Robinson/Hurd families.

  3. What a lovely , gentle soul. His quiet laugh brought a joy that I can summon… despite the 40 some years since I have heard it!

  4. This is a message from someone who wishes for now to remain anonymous but loved Charlie:

    Like Maya, I knew Charlie during his years at Milton Academy. He was a strong gust of fresh air sweeping from the Rockies into the stuffy, stifling, preppy atmosphere of that campus. In a world of khakis and Lacoste, he wore jeans and plaid shirts. In a world of sneering reserve, his spontaneous laugh and straight from the shoulder opinions set him apart. He attracted a lovely assortment of friends – as loyal to him as he was loyal to them. To his great credit he stayed himself all through those four years, shuffling off the pretension and shrugging off the rules. He never lost his generosity, his independence or his charm.

    Charlie never lost touch with the mountains. I hope his spirit finds its way back home.

    Posted by Maya Andrea for a friend.

  5. It breaks my heart that my little brother Charlie is no longer with us. There were always five of us. Even though we were separated by 7 years of age and by long distances as we grew up, I knew him well enough to know he was a wonderful, sensitive, fun-loving, and caring individual. I miss you. Love, Laura

  6. Charlie was my step brother. He was a great step brother. We played together, went to school together, worked and lived together. He was always fun and happy.
    Charlie excelled at camp Pasquaney where he was alter boy and was dedicated to the values of the camp: Loyalty, Friendship and Honesty. These values were all part of his life.
    I will never forget our candid conversations and his good sense of humor.
    He will be greatly missed by all.

  7. Charlie was one of my first dear friends from Milton. He was always ready to listen and show great empathy and … have a fun time in whatever way. He is one of those people who, I am quite sure, gave more love than he could ever receive, not because he wasn’t loved as much but because he always had such a stash of love to give, more constantly than most of us, I think.

    I send my love and sympathy to you, his family, and share the sadness with all my Miltie friends. (Hoping we are having our 10/4 reunion in the cemetary.)

    With Much Love,
    Sally (Warburg) Bliumis-Dunn

  8. Will never forget your pranks & laughter! You will always be in my heart as one of my other brothers. Miss you but am glad we were able to talk before you left us and I know you are in good hands now.

    love, Cathy

  9. July 25th 2019 It was a beautiful day to release Charlie into the wild. A small group of family and friends met at a pond on the ranch. We had 3 coyote pups make an appearance, a fighter jet flew over, a muskrat swam across the pond and a red wing black bird was singing it’s heart out. He is at rest now Love you and miss you Your sister Lyn

  10. Charlie, you will be missed. It was a rather random meeting over 12 years ago at the Physical Therapy clinic helping you deal with your physical challenges. It took about 3 questions/answers for us to connect to a world we knew and loved as children. One degree of separation. It opened the door to a fine friendship in which I was taken in by your mother and sisters to once again enjoy horses and foxhunting. You always have made me laugh, and you always laughed no matter how much you were hurting. You were good at faking good health. You shared many of your woes and worries with me and I am glad I was there to listen. Thanks for always asking about my family and my life. You were exceptional in your ways and I cherish that we connected.
    I still have my Maine Lobster t-shirt that read “Just Say No to Pot”, ha!

    I can just see you riding off into the Colorado sunset on a fine polo pony, waving over your shoulder and laughing as you go, yelling out “See Ya”…

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