September 15, 1941 ~ March 10, 2019

Born in: Raeville, Nebraska
Resided in: Westminster, Colorado

JoAnn Bode Waters, 77, of Westminster, Colorado, passed away on March 10, 2019 surrounded by her family.  She is survived by her husband, John; two children, Jill and Greg (Jennifer);  and three grandchildren, Thomas, Grant, and Megan. She was married to John for 52 years.

A loving mother and grandmother, she will be missed by many.  Her love for her family always came first in her life.  She also loved traveling, golf, cards, and music.  She became an enrolled agent through self -study and dedicated her career to accounting.

She was the oldest of 11 children.  She was born and raised on a farm in Nebraska and met John in Omaha, Nebraska.  They moved to Colorado in 1972.

Visitation is on Sunday, March 17, 2019 from 4:00-6:00 PM with Rosary to follow at 6:00 PM at Horan & McConaty Family Chapel, 7577 West 80th Avenue, Arvada, Colorado 80003.

Funeral Mass is on Monday, March 18, 2019 at 11:00 AM at Spirit of Christ Catholic Community, 7400 West 80th Avenue, Arvada, Colorado 80003 with interment following at Mount Olivet Catholic Cemetery, 12801 West 44th Avenue, Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80033.

In lieu of flowers, please make donations to Shrine of St. Anne School or a charity of your choice.

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Visitation: March 17, 2019 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Horan & McConaty - Northwest/Arvada
7577 W. 80th Ave.
Arvada, CO 80003

Recitation of the Rosary : March 17, 2019 6:00 pm

Horan & McConaty - Northwest/Arvada
7577 W. 80th Ave.
Arvada, CO 80003

Funeral Mass: March 18, 2019 11:00 am

Spirit of Christ Catholic Community
7400 West 80th Avenue
Arvada, CO

Interment: March 18, 2019 3:00 pm

Mount Olivet Cemetery
12801 W. 44th Ave.
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

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  1. I will always remember Joann as the pretty lady I would see time to time in Raeville when I was out there visiting my grand parents Jack and Nilda.
    She was “fancy” in her 20’s thin smart beautiful smile with that perfect shade of super red lipstick, her hair well let’s just say cut like a brunette Marylin Monroe style. I was young and found her interesting. Sitting outside of Fred and Lindys at a picnic table in her crisp white blouse. Now that I am older I might say she was a cross between Marylin and or Audrey Hepburn. Ironic considering all came from a farm as well. Small town girls with city taste.
    She was sweet to me had a flowy carefree way about her and it was constant, any year I saw her she was the same. I feel she was a good hearted happy person and why wouldn’t she be she came from some of the finest people I knew Fred and Lindy!
    Go with God Joann all my love Susie

  2. I will always remember sitting on the piano bench, next to Jo Ann, my beautiful, talented, oldest sister, overwhelmed by the beautiful music filling our house! Her fingers would fly over the keys! It never sounded like that when I played! Sometimes, I would make a request. My favorite Christmas song was “O Holy Night”! I loved singing every word of it with her…belting out the chorus more times than the sheet music required, because that was my favorite part! Wow! Could she play that old piano! Even later on in life, we would still sit down together on the piano bench at their home in Westminster, and she would play and I would sing! Jo Ann was one of my first role models! I wanted to be just like her. I will always love her and cherish all the memories we made together!

  3. I did not know you but have always been close to your sister, Jackie. In looking at your pictures I can see Jackie in you. How lucky Jackie is to carry on your memories on earth.

  4. She was more than my sister, she was a wonderful friend, role model, advisor. I would not be where I am today without her inspiration, encouragement and support. That goes for John too!! We had much in common and she is a kindred spirit. There so many memories to share. I don’t know where to begin, so I will share my earliest which sums up how special she was and always will be to me. As a little girl, I remember Christmas visits the most. It was always so exciting and knowing Jo Ann and John and family were joining us made it extra special. On the night they were to arrive, I would sit on the window seat in the dining room watching and waiting for their car lights to show up or their car to turn the corner by the grain elevator. Once I got my glimpse, I would exclaim, “They are here!” I would run outside to be the first to greet them. It felt so good to have my sister home. I am sure the Lord and Mom, Dad, and Betty feel the same! I love and miss you sis!!

  5. My aunt Jo Ann is so special to me. I remember every one of our trips out to Colorado to visit them. She was so beautiful inside and out. Always made you feel at home and nothing against her sisters as they are great hosts as well, but no one compared to Jo Ann. I remember being in such awe when visiting their house. Following Jo Ann around everywhere she went. Watching her get ready in their bathroom and talking her ear off while thinking, “if I moved into their closet how long would it take before she knew I was there?”
    She made the best chicken and dumpling soup! She was so welcoming and was always there to greet you at the door with that amazing smile of hers. When I got older I would tell her that when I got married I wanted to get married at their house so I could walk down their spiral staircase in my dress. I loved her laugh, and I can still hear her voice.

  6. Moving from grade school to high school at St. John’s in Petersburg was a pretty big deal. Not only because we were going to be Freshmen, but because that’s when the Raeville kids, including Jo Ann, joined our class! Our class of 1959 had the prettiest girls of course, and the Raeville girls sure didn’t hurt our self described standing there. As I recall, Jo Ann carried a natural leadership role for our class right from the start, she not only had the looks, Jo Ann had the brains. We came up with some creative ways to get her help with our own grades and she was generous. Friendly, outgoing, hard working, and generous are some of the words that come to mind when I think of Jo Ann Bode. Rest in peace.

  7. When JoAnn would come from Omaha it was almost magical. She was that big/oldest sister that just made it feel like it was going to be a special time. Growing up it was fun to wait on the front porch to see the young men coming to pick her up to go on dates. Kind of like those tv shows where siblings hide behind something to peek around the corner. Especially at Christmas time it was always more special when she got home. (She usually had presents)!! No it wasn’t presents, but it was “JoAnn is home” and the family was together. After I graduated from high school and went to work at Physcians Mutual, JoAnn and John opened their home to me and I stayed with them for about 2 months. I think she was more concerned than I realized because I worked until 11 at night and would ride the bus home. You know: Raeville population 60 to 70 on a good day – Omaha hundreds of thousands. Going to visit JoAnn and John and later on Jill and Greg, you always saw her coming out of their home with her arms open wide and with the biggest hug to welcome you. She and John were always so welcoming. JoAnn I picture your HEAVENLY homecoming in that same manner. Our Savior’s arms spread open wide and saying: : WELL DONE MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT. I love you Sis and miss you and most of all Thank You!

  8. OMG, this happened way too fast, Jo Ann! I just want to share a few memories of us as kids. I remember as if this happened last week (& you know how old we are)! Before we entered first grade, we both had to have our tonsils out. Aunt Marie Bode, Jo Ann & myself were in Tilden Hospital. Jo Ann & I were in the same bed: Jo Ann at the top of the bed, and I was laying at the foot. The nurse came in to go to surgery. I’m crying my eyes out. They had to PRY me out of Marie Bode’s arms. In fact, Marie, being a nurse, I think carried me to surgery. I’m sure Mom & Daddy were there, but I only remember Mom promising me ALL THE ICE CREAM I wanted. O God, our throats were soar! I remember Jo Ann just lying there, not crying at all. She was always the smart one.
    Talking about her being the smart one (which she really was): so when our uncles Norbert (& Margie) and Raymond (& Delores) got married, Jo Ann was to be the flower girl for the first one, & I was to be the flower girl for the other one. I was scared to walk down the aisle! So Jo Ann did it for me! I don’t remember even caring, because I was so scared.
    Another time, Jo Ann, Betty, & Billy were over to our place. Mom & Daddy were in the barn milking, & we kids were down by water tank where the cows drank. Billy ( he was so darn cute ) leaned over the edge and fell in, head first. I RAN to the barn, hollowing, “Billy fell in the tank!” Mom, Daddy, & I ran to the tank. Billy was standing there, dripping wet: Jo Ann & Betty had already pulled him out, thank God!
    One last thought: we must of been 18. I had a car, so I came to pick up Jo Ann; we were headed for Petersburg I’m sure. Fred came out & told me, “Just because you have a car, & your parents let me run wild, my kids are not wild!” Needless to say, JoAnn didn’t go!
    We had great times together, lots of laughs! Jo Ann was like a sister to me. After graduation we both went our own ways.
    I LOVE YOU! Sorry you had to leave so soon!

    PS I guess you knew it was Sis’s birthday!

  9. I remember Jo Ann the same way as my sister, Susie. Jo Ann was beautiful inside and out. She was smart and talented! Jo Ann came from the finest two people! We know Fred and Lindy! Your dad and mom and brothers and sisters were always one of our biggest highlights to go to visit when we came from Chicago to our grandparent’s farm. There are so many memories, great memories that my own brothers and sisters have towards your family! Those years we had all together were very magical! It’s something that I will always hold dear.

  10. Uncle John, Jill , Greg and family.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to your family. I wish that I was able to make it out for the Funeral, but you have my deepest sympathy.
    Aunt JoAnn was such a nice and wonderful lady and I always enjoyed our trips out to visit you and your hospitality.
    She will be greatly missed, but now is in her heavenly home and reunited with Grandpa and Grandma Bode, and Aunt Betty.
    Rest in Peace Aunt JoAnn and God Bless!

  11. I have always been so proud of my siblings. Especially the ones that were older than me. JoAnn and Betty always seemed like Queens to me and brother Bill was like the king. I was always so proud of them and couldn’t wait to be big like them. I’m guessing I was about five or six years old and JoAnn and Betty came down from upstairs and they were both hanging onto a red can can. I didn’t know for sure what it was but they were hollering at each other and wrestling and it’s the closest thing I’ve ever seen to All-Star wrestling in our kitchen. Mom was standing there and said now settle down girls. We will get this thing figured out. Us boys would always wrestle around but I never saw my sister’s ever fight or argue. A red can can, it look like something you would use like sandpaper and maybe pour Mudpies through to get the gravel out. Back and forth my sisters would argue and pull on that red thing and I just hid in the corner by the basement door. How could something look so crazy and be that important to have on at a high school dance. I think Mom had to run to town and buy one more because the dance was on the weekend. Don’t remember if it had to be a different color or not. Would sisters ,dare wear ,the same color can can. A few more years down the road, I figured out why it was so important. Both of them did look really nice and their dresses looked great. I knew I had to hang out till Saturday when they left for the dance ,you never know when another wrestling match might break out!! John, to you and your family, from me and mine, we offer our deepest, heart felt sympathy!! Anytime anywhere anyplace if you or your family needs help with anything we are a phone call away, Brother ✌

  12. John, Jill, Greg, Jennifer, & Grandchildren.
    John, JoAnn was a wonderful, beautiful & loving Wife. Jill & Greg, how fortunate to have a Mother so loving & caring. Jennifer, you couldn’t ask for a more wonderful Mother-in-law. Thomas, Grant & Megan, there isn’t anyone like a “Grandma.” You were so lucky to have a Grandmother who was so proud of you all. Bill & I know because she always talked about all of you when we visited over the phone. She loved her family deeply.
    As a sister-in-law, JoAnn welcomed me into the family with her soft words and her contagious smile that was her trademark.
    One trip to Colorado won’t be forgotten. JoAnn, Jill, Greg, Bill, Bruce, Kris & I drove JoAnn’s car up to the Continental Divide. At the top, a water hose broke. There we sat with four scared kids, probably between 3 and 6 years old. Bill walked down the mountain, found a hose and caught a ride back with a truck driver. It seemed like hours, kids started crying, we all were cold. Now we laugh about it.
    And John, Bill & I are so glad to have had several fun cruises together with you & JoAnn. Yes, we will miss you JoAnn. Now, JoAnn, your Mom, Dad & Betty can look down on us all, and keep us in line, “maybe.” Keep smiling on your family & friends. May God bless you. Love you bunches.
    Ann M. Bode

  13. Joe Preusser
    March 15, 2019
    It is great to read the various responses from family. To be part of a larger family must be really special. The Raeville community was all about family. It was a family community. My mother was from Raeville, however, my remembrance of JoAnn started when she became a member of the class of St. John the Baptist High School in Petersburg. JoAnn was a special gift to our class. The entire group of Raeville students were a great addition to our class along with Marie Moser who was part of the Raeville group although she went to school in Elgin. I was fortunate to be accepted by the Raeville students and they became special friends. I had the opportunity to have a little friendly competition with JoAnn during our high school years. JoAnn and I were Prom queen and king our senior year which was determined by grades rather than social status. I regret that after high school there have been few occasions that we have visited. I was surprised and disappointed of her illness and passing. God Bless.

  14. John, Jill, Greg and family,
    I am so sorry to hear of JoAnn’s passing. Please accept my deepest sympathy. I will always remember our families getting together for holiday dinners, backyard barbecues, sports, games, cards, theater night at the Arvada Center, 4th of July fireworks and many other wonderful times. She will surely be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.

  15. Sympathy and prayers to JoAnn’s family. Her involvement with our family stated on mom and dads (Rose and Lawrence Salber) wedding day as she was the maid of honor. JoAnn always had a smile and hug for us. She will be missed.
    Doris and Doug Holmquist family

  16. We are so sad to learn of Joann’s passing. She was our accountant for almost 20 years. I actually looked forward to paying taxes because I got to see Joann.
    She was truly a very speacial person who always had that beautiful smile.
    Our love and thoughts to the family.

  17. I have put off sharing my memory because I knew the tears would really flow — and they are.

    As you can tell, Jo Ann was greatly loved by all of her siblings, but she sure was a tough act to follow — crazy smart, beautiful, classy, and kind. Many have mentioned Jo Ann’s gift of hospitality, and I have to say that Linda and I were especially spoiled in that category because we got to spend a week or two in the summers with John and Jo Ann when they lived in Omaha. We felt pretty cool hanging out with big city kids. I remember being awed that milk was delivered to their doorstep.

    Jo Ann always made me feel special — from getting to be their flower girl, to encouraging me to work hard at school because she just knew how smart I was, to standing by me through some really challenging times in my life. Jo Ann always provided me with support and encouragement.

    Jo Ann, John, Jill, and Greg became ever more special to me when they took my daughter Em under their wings during her college years at Regis University in Denver. They provided her a home away from home and helped her get over some bouts of homesickness, and then, because they are such giving people, they allowed us to host her college graduation party at their home. What incredible generosity.

    Another special childhood memory: Getting to stand on the top of John Waters’ shoes as he would walk around, and sometimes, even dance, with us. Jo Ann would be there laughing and smiling at the fun we shared.

    Finally, our Sisters’ Trip, which was actually invading Jo Ann and John’s home in Westminister. Oh, the fun we had! We were floored that Jo Ann got us tickets to the play The Full Monty. Was our Big Sister really taking us to see it? You bet, she was, and we loved it. Of course, we had to compare some of the characters to the men in our lives!

    Jo Ann, Heaven is rejoicing, but we are sad. You brought so much joy and energy to our family. John, Jill, Greg, Jen, Thomas, Grant, and Megan, know that we are always here to love and to support you. Thank you for sharing Jo Ann with all of us. Much love, Jackie

  18. We’re so sorry for your loss. We didn’t know Jo Ann, but we are blessed to have our daughter be married to a Bode. A very special family! God rest her dear soul

  19. I want to send my Love, Thoughts and Prayers to the Water’s and Bode families today as you lay to rest cousin JoAnn!
    Roger & Roxanne Bode
    (Raymond & Delores)

  20. I was sad to hear about Jo Ann passing. I still remember taking a trip to Denver with my parents when I was young and Jo Ann and John showing us around. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.

  21. John, Greg & Jill families:
    We are John & JoAnn’s neighbors in the house next to theirs to the east. We feel so sorry for your loss. It seems so sudden. We are still here for you, John, to help in any way. JoAnn was a treasure and will be greatly missed. It has been heartwarming to read all the messages from family and friends, sharing stories from the past. Only two years ago, June 2017, we moved into the neighborhood and have been fortunate enough to get to know John and JoAnn since then. The July 2017 lightning strike brought us close together as we often recounted the traumatic events of that night and then as they worked so hard to fix all the damage. Dale and John rebuilt our fence together and we couldn’t ask for better neighbors. JoAnn will be greatly missed. With Love, Dale & Kathryn

  22. Please accept my sincerest condolences on the passing of Jo Ann. I know Jo Ann from our days at Raeville school. I was a couple of years older, but my sister, Bonnie, and Jo Ann were classmates. Those days are precious to us now, and I’m sure Jo Ann felt the same way. I can still see Jo Ann, Betty and Billy at their house on the corner. And from the photo here, I see that Jo Ann still had her sparkling eyes! My thoughts and prayers are with you, John, Greg and Jill, and the Bode family. Elaine Peterson

  23. Aunt Jo Ann always, always had a big hug and warm smile to share. She wanted to know how you were and was interested & inquisitive about your answers. A very special lady with many friends & family that loved her. She will be truly missed!
    My love & prayers to you John, Jill & Greg.

  24. John, Jill, Greg, Jen, Thomas, Grant and Megan,
    May you find peace in this time of sorrow knowing Jo Ann is only a thought away and will never be forgotten, by many. All of my memories of Jo Ann are my favorites. Being the “adopted ” sister, I didn’t meet Jo Ann until I was in college 1988ish. I don’t remember the exact date, but it was for sure one of my best days!! She treated me like family straight away with those welcoming arms, that huge smile of hers and the Waters’ hospitality special!! I will remember most……the precious moments spent with her before her passing, she was as hospitable as always at home, even though she wasn’t feeling a 100%, doting on us and concerned the bed in “my room” had Christmas decorations on it so I’d have to sleep in the “cow room” lol, and of course, our perpetual card game (because she and I were not going to be conceding to John and Linda which she made very clear the day we visited her in the hospital) that we’ll finish one day in heaven. God bless you Waters’, Bodes’ and God bless us all!!!
    Love and prayers, hugs and kisses!!

  25. My deepest condolences to the friends and family of JoAnn. May your treasured memories bring you joy, and may ‘the God of all comfort’ give you strength, along with a measure of peace for your grieving hearts at this most difficult time.
    2 Corinthians 1:3

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