February 28, 1956 ~ March 6, 2019

Born in: Jerusalem,
Resided in: Littleton, CO

Khamis Haramy, 63, of Littleton, passed into the arms of Jesus on March 6, 2019 surrounded by his loving family. Born on February 28, 1956 in Jerusalem he is the son of the late Yousef and Adla (Abdo) Haramy. Khamis married Kathy Haramy on January 30, 1999 and together they shared 20 years of marriage.

Khamis was a geotechnical engineer. He loved his work and is renowned worldwide for his expertise and contribution in his field.
He enjoyed life, his faith, family, work, and all kinds of working out. He was a valiant, helpful, energetic, giving individual.

In addition to his wife, Kathy, he is survived by his son, Joseph Haramy and daughter, Molly Abate his siblings, Abe Homsi, Sophie Stevens, Lee Homsi, Maha Bickel, Ghada Mazbar and Muna Hall.

He is preceded in death by his son, Tyler Abate.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made in Khamis’ name to the Glioblastoma Foundation, P.O.Box 62066, Durham, NC 27715. Link: https://glioblastomafoundation.org/get-involved/donate

A Memorial Service for Khamis will be held on April 4, 2019 at 2:00pm at Foot Hills Bible Church, 6100 S Devinney Way, Littleton, CO 80127.

Memories Timeline


  1. Khamis was always a pleasure to work with and to be around. I will miss our many conversations and his awesome positive attitude.

  2. Khamis, was extremely knowledgeable in his profession and was helpful with his line of work. He will be missed.

  3. Khamis was so knowledgeable and was well liked by his co-workers. I was very privileged to have worked with him for many years. I loved his stories and his willingness to push for what he thought was the right answer to a problem. He is sorely missed at the office and we have lost a great innovator in the geotechnical and transportation field. Rest in Peace, Khamis.

  4. To a good friend and inspiration! He lived his life at full throttle and gave his energy to his friends and life. You will be missed Kamish. So until we meet again my friend!

  5. Khamis was the consummate gentleman, friend, engineer, and an outstanding human being. Greatly missed…but an honor to have known him.

  6. Khamis helped mold me into the Engineer and person I am today. He was such a joy and so very smart. I learned so much from him – how to be a better geotech engineer, how to chase your dreams, and how to be a better person. The world has lost a great man!

  7. Khamis was much more than a technical expert, though he was certainly that as well. He always wanted to know how you were doing as a person and connect in order to better understand people and the world. He would always tell me he learned more from me than I did from him, but I’ll forgive him that which certainly wasn’t true. I don’t regret the thank you email I sent for the drilled shaft lesson you gave me, though it did get me in some hot water Khamis 🙂 I think we better increase the factor of safety on future designs without you here reviewing them. You will be missed my friend. Be at peace.

  8. I got to know Khamis for the first time when we made a special request to bring his wealth of knowledge to Detroit, Michigan to resolve geotechnical issues on new Gordie Howe International bridge crossing. He was humble, outgoing, friendly and always had a smile on his face. Over the years we stayed in touch. Whenever I went to the Lakewood office, CO I made a point of seeing him. He was always there to welcome me with a smile on his face. I was shocked to hear about his illness and now he leaves us too early. Khamis and his family are in my thoughts and prayers. Rest in peace!!! You will be missed but never forgotten!!!

  9. Khamis was one of the few people I have ever met who was welcoming, open, and supportive of a person’s professional and personal growth. He always welcomed me with kindness and compassion while also making me consider my choices and their consequences. I didn’t get the opportunity to work much with Khamis. When I did, I always looked forward to it like a kid going to see the “cool” uncle. You knew it was going to be a great experience and some where you’d learn a life lesson along the way.

  10. Dear Kathy &Family . Our deapest sympathy and condolences for your loss. God bless his soul and Rest In Peace, he will be missed and remembered forever .

  11. Dear Kathy & family,
    You have my deepest condolences for your loss. As you already know, he was a great man and friend to many folks. He was a very smart and wonderful man who inspired many of us to be better in many ways. I felt like I’d known him forever even though I had only worked with him for the past 5-6 years. Over the time I worked with him, we got to be good friends who’d call each other up and try to figure out how to do it differently or how to make it better. Khamis pushed me to use my innovative side as I’d always seen him reach down deep and think about and/or research on how we can do it versus the traditional “we can’t do that” answer commonly received from many of our colleagues. I owe a good part of my innovative drive due to my working with Khamis. I will never forget the experience that I had working hand and hand with Khamis on the same team. I will miss our many visits and phone calls where we only talked about work a very small percentage of time. We will all miss him dearly. He will be remembered for forever.

  12. Khamis was always willing to give me great advice during some very tough times in my life. He cared for me even though sometimes I seemed to only care about myself. He was one of many who helped guide me toward the light of God and I thank him for that. He cared, loved, and knew a LOT about Geotechincal Engineering. One of my favorite things about him was that he spent a lot of time and energy so that the people around him (no matter who it was) cared, loved, and knew a lot about Geotechnical Engineering as well. Rest in peace, Khamis.

  13. Louis Qussar
    My wonder friend
    I feel I lost a brother. You were my help when I needed you.
    When I bought a new house he designed the deck, figured altt the material needed, brought his tools, built the deck from footage to staining the wood, two months later helped me with the fence. There more things helped me with. He looked behind our fence and the weeds in neighbor backyard he wanted th call them and install a sprinkler system for them……
    He so helpful to all who ask he is giving of his time, money, expertise.
    Khamis was all you wanted him to be. I told him days before he went to heaven that Jesus ordered to paint his eternal mansion to be ready for him, he just smiled.
    Ruth and are missing you.

  14. He was the “real deal”! I will always remember Khamis the valiant, helpful energetic, larger than life cousin brother husband father friend and neighbour. Sickness and death will never diminish who you were and how you will be remembered. You will be in my heart forever. RIP! No one doubts who you are with now. Jesus just got to welcome his new best friend. Your faith was an unshakable fortress, and your smile will be missed in this world.

  15. I was so fortunate to have worked with and befriended Khamis. He was not only an admired leader in his profession, but an inspiration to all of us who respect goodness and decency. The way he led his life was a goal for the rest of us to follow. May you rest in peace my friend.

  16. I remember Sam Holder saying that CFLHD had just hired a guy named Khamis and that I would really like him. I looked him up as we did back then and saw all of this creative and valuable rock mechanics work, and thought to myself how does that relate to CFLHD. I didn’t know Khamis yet. I was very blessed to get to know him soon after and I learned how irrelevant my observation was. Khamis wanted new. He wanted new challenges for himself and he wanted new technologies for the rest of us, and he was tireless in his pursuit of both. For me, that is what made him such a joy and an inspiration for what is possible. Now I look back and I can’t imagine CFLHD without him. I he see his attitude and passion, and his happy face on every project I can think of, and in all the social corridors between. He wasn’t very good at steering a bike on high speed mountain descents, however, but even that memory makes me smile. He was a great man and special friend, and I will miss him dearly.

  17. It was easy to see on the few occasions I was privileged to be around and interact with Khamis that he was a hard-working, dedicated, and technically-gifted geotechnical engineer who was a leader and mentor in his field. He will be greatly missed by both family and friends and his colleagues in the Federal Lands Highway Division offices and in the state, federal, and international geotechnical engineering communities as well.

  18. I had the pleasure to get to know Khamis during a period when I was switching from geophysics to NDT in civil engineering and starting to write a PhD on pile testing. I had met Khamis, a extremely friendly and open minded person, at a conference and he shared a lot of insight, reports an advice an a specific technology. That gave me a good start!
    Thank you, Khamis.

  19. Khamis was a dear friend and colleague. I always enjoyed my interactions with him. He was always enthusiastic and upbeat and generated an atmosphere that got the best out of people. His contributions to the integrity testing of deep foundations were practical and remarkable. His common sense approach to other projects was a breath of fresh air. His absence will be sorely missed by me and I am sure many of his friends and colleagues. Thanks Khamis for all you did to make our lives better!

  20. Dear Family and Friends,

    I had the honor of working with Khamis while I was in Colorado. He was such a joy. He was all things geotechnical. He loved his work and you saw it and felt his excitement when he talked about volcanos, seismic movement, ditches and Mohr’s Circles….etc. I use to just walk past his office and just laugh as he tried to convert me on to the other side–Geotechnical Engineer. I would say no Khamis, my happy home is right here as a Generalist Engineer. I still see his smile and his big text book that he wrote himself, saying I will change you. LOL! Well, he will forever be missed. We lost a very influential engineer, innovator, and friend. So friends and family, I leave you with a message of my sincerest condolences may God be with you through this journey. I pray that you remember the memories . His time on this Earth was well spent and with purpose. Cry when you need to and laugh at those memories that you shared with Khamis. He will forever be known to me as “The Professor”!

  21. Khamis was such a wonderful resource whom always made time to help. He is fondly missed.
    Rest in the palm of His hand, my brother!

  22. I only worked with Khamis for a short time but he was an amazing person! May God watch over your family during this difficult time.

  23. Khamis was a friend, mentor, and role model. I owe so much to him to be where I am now with my career. He is someone who genuinely cared about the development of others and I will greatly miss his advice and his passion for life and learning. He inspired me with the way he lived his life, both in the office and out, and his strong-willed and congenial personality truly made coming to work a joy. I will remember his legacy and contributions and he will not be forgotten within our geotechnical group. Thank you for all that you did Khamis and for making a positive impact on my life.

  24. Some people make an impression on your life even if you only meet them for a brief period of time…and Khamis was one of those people. I met him during a 2016 team meeting at Central Federal Lands where he also played host when we visited completed projects on Guanella Pass Road. Our highway safety team learned more than we ever thought we would know about rockery walls and other geotech stuff, but at the same time we taught Khamis some things about highway safety as well. Always ready to share his knowledge and learn from others, he was a delight to be around and will be missed by many.

  25. Khamis will certainly be missed by those of us who had the opportunity to share his company and wisdom over the years. I am saddened by his passing and can only strive to emulate his example until we meet again.

  26. We knew Khamis and Kathy through our church. He was a wonderful example of a Christian man–always participating, always encouraging others, and a fine example to all.

  27. I will never forget this power house of a man…. He had so much passion for his Lord, his family, and his vocation.
    His smile lit up the room and never dimmed.
    He was a servant above all else to anyone he knew for anything they needed.
    Kathy, my prayers are with you and his loved ones..

  28. RIP my friend. You touched the lives of so many, both in a personal and professional manner and you will be missed. My deepest sympathy to Kathy and family.

  29. Khamis was a light in my life! He lived life in such a big, bold, and kind way. He was one of the most generous and spiritual men I knew. He was eager to share his faith and optimism with anyone and everyone! He brought such energy and passion to Club USA fitness classes! I am thankful for his friendship and presence the past 15 or so years! Khamis you will be missed my friend!

  30. Khamis! You were insightful at work and what was even better was that it was always great fun to work with you. Our field trips were rewarding professionally and personally. I was always happy to have you on our NPS FLH jobs and you helped with more than a few jobs that CFL was not directly involved in. I visited CFL often and checked in with you every chance I could just to chat for a minute or two. We always laughed. Thanks for the good work and good times. Rest in Peace.

  31. Khamis,

    You were one my favorite people to work with. Your professionalism, attitude, and intelligence were an inspiration. You will be missed.

  32. From the day I met Khamis working at NSA engineering at Denver and later on at FHWA-Central Federal Lands, he had a deep influence on my own career. Khamis was always eager to push the envelope; especially, with the cross-borehole seismic technology developed at NSA and later on with the development of novel geophysical and nondestructive testing (NDT) technologies at FHWA. Khamis had a pioneering spirit and always pushed me to do more and explore new ideas. We looked at many aspects of foundation NDT, including crosshole sonic logging and tomographic imaging for drilled shafts, and the use of geophysics for site characterization and published many reports and articles together. He was also instrumental in the development of the “Geophysical Manual” which I served as a co-author and later continued this work with the development of NDE web manual at FHWA.

    Khamis was an incredibly kind, giving, and positive person. I will never forget his spirt. His passing on March 6 was bitter sweet as it was my birthday—I will always remember him on this day and send him my prayers and my outmost blessings.

  33. To me, Khamis was so kind and encouraging. He always had a smile for me and I will forever cherish that. I was fortunate to be in the same Technical Services group and occupy the office next to his. I got to hear, and see, first-hand how much he loved sharing his knowledge and optimism. He helped me put together a Safety Team meeting and field trip to CFL project sites. He explained the geotechnical aspects to us, and we explained the safety aspects to him. That seemingly small event proved to be a great help in understanding each other’s discipline. We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Rest in peace, my friend.

  34. Kathy and family,
    I appreciate you sharing your time over the years with Khamis with us here at the FHWA. The world is a better place because of him. We delivered amazing work together, he with the ideas and me with the money. And when we reached a stalemate or an unknown, we put it in God’s hands. He always kept this sight on the bigger and grander picture of why we are here on this earth. Know that we miss him deeply too. /Roger

  35. Such a wonderful human being. I thoroughly enjoyed every time that I was lucky enough to have an encounter with Khamis, whether for work or just good old fashioned talking. He was a truly nice and decent person. I am so sorry to hear of his passing.

  36. Khamis was always great to work with. Extremely hard-working and knowledgeable, plus he had a positive can-do attitude. I always enjoyed projects when Khamis was involved. In addition to his professionalism at work, Khamis was a caring, generous person who was constantly helping those around him. He will be greatly missed, but his life is definitely one worth celebrating. All who were fortunate enough to have crossed paths with Khamis are better off for having known him.

  37. Khamis was such a sweet man and we loved having him as a neighbor. Seeing his smiling face across the yard was always a bright part of the day. He loved the sun and it was a sign of warmer weather to see him working in the yard alongside Simon Tucker. He was full of energy and enthusiasm, regularly offering to lend a hand or give a bit of wisdom. He spoke so highly of you Kathy and his love for you was unmistakable. The kids and Jeff and I love the both of you and we will miss Khamis. We will always remember what a great man he was and the kindness he showed our family over the years.

  38. My deepest condolences to the friends and family of Khamis. May your treasured memories bring you joy, and may ‘the God of all comfort’ give you strength, along with a measure of peace for your grieving hearts at this most difficult time.
    2 Corinthians 1:3

  39. Khamis was not only the hardest-working person I know but he taught everyone around him as he worked and played. He always had time for others no matter when and where. He was a joy to be around and an inspirational man who walked the walk of God and treated others with utmost care, compassion and respect. Khamis loved is family and friends and made those around him feel special. I will miss him and his unforgettable ways. Blessings to Kathy and his family and friends at this time.

  40. I always enjoyed working with Khamis whenever he helped us on geotechnical concerns at Rocky Mountain National Park. He always came up with reasonable, well thought out solutions and alternatives and was always available to us for consultation on emergency landslides or rockfall issues. He was a true professional. But more than that he was genuinely good person who seemed to have a vigor for life. He will be missed. Joe Arnold, former Park Engineer at Rocky Mountain National Park.

  41. I had the pleasure of working with Khamis back in his Bureau of Mines days in the mid 80’s. He was always a joy to work with and to be around. His smile and great sense of humor could light up any situation. He was always a welcome addition to our many field trips. I am very sorry to see such a great person leave us all so soon. My deepest condolences to all his friends and family. Jim Bowen, Geotechnical engineeer for Bur. of Mines and Bur. of Reclamation

  42. Sometimes you find yourself lacking the words to explain how you feel.
    This is one of these moments for me.
    Good by good friend.
    Since I met you almost 24 years ago, I always enjoyed working, and talking with you. You are missed.
    And my deepest sympathy for your family.

  43. As so many others have said, Khamis was a very exceptional person. He was an inspiration to all who were lucky enough to have crossed his path. He was a renowned expert in his field for sure. But even more importantly, he was an example for all of us to follow in the way he treated his fellow human beings. I am honored to have called him a friend, and blessed to have shared time with him as a professional and as a friend. The world will miss Khamis…..but will not forget him.

  44. Khamis, You are a wonderful gentleman. I admired you for many reasons, such as your enthusiasm for your work, helping others, keeping fit, and having fun. You are truly missed! My deepest condolences to the friends and family of Khamis. Rest in peace, Khamis!

  45. Although Khamis is no longer with us in body, a piece of him lives on in each and every one of us that crossed paths with him. Truly a memorable and wonderful soul! RIP my friend.

  46. Khamis, I always looked forward to your positive energy and contagious smile and laugh at club usa. It has been such an honor knowing you and spending such fun times working out together. You have been an inspiration to me and my family- We will miss you my friend! “Death takes the body. God takes the soul. Our mind holds the memories. Our heart keeps the love. Our faith lets us know we will meet again.” “It is not the length of life you lived, dear Khamis, but the depth of life”~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

  47. My favorite thing about Khamis and the memory I will hold dear to my heart, is the light in his eyes when he talked to you about his work, his family, his friends, or his adventures. Khamis had a passion that radiated from him in everything he did. He made you passionate about whatever you were discussing and pushed those around him to a higher level and to be better people. Khamis treated everyone as a friend and was warm and open to you, even when you missed his point. I will miss him, as will all his friends, who was anyone he met. Thanks for making the world a better place. Aaron

  48. Khamis was such a wonderful man with an infectious spirit. He was such a joy to be around and always brought life wherever he went. We will miss him dearly. We love you Khamis!

  49. Thank you Jesus for Khamis! Jesus, Khamis’ eyes, smile, spirit, peace, and knowledge showed the light of the Holy Spirit, to help us know the way and the truth and the life. I was only able to be with Khamis a handful of times in person, the brotherly connection through the Holy Spirit in Khamis made me feel like a close friend. Actually closer than that, family (a brother). Khamis’ life is a true witness of how to live for Jesus! Khamis painted such a wonderful picture of his life for me. He walked me through being a Palestinian that placed in his faith in Jesus Christ for an eternal Kingdom vice a worldly “country”. And how that faith drove him to be outstanding in his profession and as a person. Khamis read & studied the Bible and geotechnical engineering tirelessly to grow his faith and knowledge. And how through his faith he was that much better as an expert in geotechnical engineering and how he was able to share both with passion and joy. In fact, I heard how great a person Khamis was first, before heard how great a geotechnical engineer he was…all before I was blessed to meet him in person.
    Khamis helped the San Juan National Forest out greatly, most importantly on a personal level and on the technical level too.
    I miss my brother in Christ and friend!

  50. Khamis war ein richtiger Freund fĂĽr uns. Wir hatten eine spannende, wundervolle Zeit zusammen. In stillem Gedenken…
    Dein Freund Ulli

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