July 8, 1960 ~ June 22, 2020

Born in: Chicago, Illinois
Resided in: Lone Tree, Colorado

Born July 8, 1960, died June 22, 2020 after a long and immensely brave struggle with multiple illnesses.

Survived by loving husband Warren Paul and loving son Jason Spivack, Mother Bette Murphy, Sisters Cyndi Murphy and Deb Marino, Brother James Patrick Murphy, and many nieces and nephews.

Master Cosmetician, Regional Sales Manager, retired business owner, and generous friend to all. She could sell anything to anybody.

Her pain is finally done.

The best memorial to Patty, definitely in lieu of flowers, is to donate to the Patty Paul fund of the Cancer League of Colorado (CancerLeague.org), where she was an active member.

Please wear a mask if attending the service. Thank you.

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Memorial Service: July 1, 2020 2:00 pm

Horan & McConaty - South Metro/Centennial
5303 E County Line Rd
Centennial, CO 80122

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  1. Jason – Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers. Your mother was a remarkable woman and a long time friend. know you were the light of her life, and she loved you very much.
    Warren You too, are in our thoughts and prayers. Your unwavering love and support for Patty during her illnesses has been admirable. She appreciated that support more than you know.
    For both of you and all Patty’s family, many of whom I met over the years of knowing her, I feel such a sense of loss and sadness of her passing. She will be missed.

  2. Jason and Warren you are in my thoughts constantly and am sending prayers of healing to you both. This is such a difficult time and I’m in shock of the lost of my dear friend. I met Patty over 20 years ago and we had some of the best times and that infectious laugh of hers could just make me giggle at her laugh. She was very talented:
    a beautiful and wise woman.
    I cannot believe she is gone.. she will be remembered always and may God welcome her with open arms to a place of no more pain. I love you Patti…Godspeed. I miss you!
    My deepest condolences to all those who loved her too.
    Diana Early Dunedin Florida

  3. I cannot believe Patty is gone. Jason, my heart goes out to you especially. Your mother loved you unconditionally with her entire being. She’ll always be with you, she wouldn’t have it any other way. This will be very difficult for you, but know that you have people in your life that love you and will be there for you. In time your tears will turn to smiles as you remember your mom and all that she means to you. Warren, your loyalty and dedication to Patty during her challenges is a show of how very much you loved her. She appreciated your unrelenting support, kindness and love. I believe Patty is now in a place of peace and no pain. She will be missed. May God bless her family and provide strength and healing.

  4. Jason you are a strong young man and you will need to be for this trying time. Please remember your mom loved you dearly and raised you to be the person you need to be but this time right now is going to be difficult and you will have allot of things that remind you of her and make you sad but you will have to remember she raised you to be strong and self sufficient and now it’s time to be. I Love You. Uncle Jim.

    Warren, thank you so much for being such a good husband to my sister unfortunately that had to come to a end in such a difficult way try to think of the good times you had and remember she will always be there to talk to anytime you like. When our father died Patty told me that she said even though he wasn’t there physically he would always be there to listen and that did help. Patty was there for me and she will always have a section of my heart dedicated for her. Be strong. Know that you have family and friends that love you.

  5. To Jason, this loss is unimaginable, I know. You will survive with strong memories of the good times with your mom. She had so much pain and a difficult path but loved you unconditionally. Let me be a help to you if I can.

    Dear Warren, your support and care for my sister was unrelenting. She would never have made it this long without you. Have peace in knowing you did all you could. I will pray for you in the grief and sadness ahead.

    I will miss her so much, too.

  6. Dear Jason,
    I know how much your mother loved you…more than the sun, the moon and stars above. When ever she talked about you, her eyes would twinkle. You know how beautiful she was when she smiled and her eyes told you how she cared. I’m very sorry to lose my friend, and for you to live in this world without your mother. I know that you can dig deep within yourself and find the strength to be healthy and happy. Please know how many friends send their love to you. Sherry Pellicore

    Dear Warren,
    Please know that Patty always told me how wonderfully you took care of her when she experienced so many illnesses. She said you saved her life….and appreciated what a kind and caring gentleman you are. We are all sad that Patty isn’t here with us. However, the lovely thought is that she doesn’t have pain. She is free and has wings of light. Have comfort in that thought.
    Love to you and Jason, Sherry Pellicore

  7. Warren, during time I’ve worked with you, your love and concern for Patty has always been evident and I cannot begin to understand the loss you must be feeling. We are thinking of you and wish you strength for the times ahead.

  8. It would be lovely if everyone had a storybook lifetime. Patty’s life was full of story book tales, but she left us so early and so young, it was so unexpected and unfair. I can’t help but imagine all of the plans Patty had for the future. All of her intentions that will never be fulfilled. Her love for her son Jason, to watch him grow into a responsible young man, perhaps marry, perhaps make her a grandmother. To grow old with Warren who was the model of dedication and attention. Her life and dreams were cut short, for her and for all of us. The last 10 years of her life brought many health and interpersonal difficulties but as always, she persevered.
    Anything we thought we had time to say or do with her in the future is now too late, the opportunity is stolen from us. And some of us will forever regret those unsaid words.
    I will dearly miss my sister, the “Pattypoo” that I knew, and my heart breaks for all of us that will mourn her passing. Be strong Jason, she will forever be with you in your heart.

  9. I met Patty back in the 90’s when we lived in Tortola, B.V.I. and never did I think that after that first meeting at a at a Canadian Thanksgiving party, that we would be friends for so many years despite moving to different countries and having different lives. Patty was thoughtful, generous and tuns of fun, memories despite her passing, will remain with me forever. We can mourn our loved ones but the best way to keep them alive in our hearts is to never forget them and the impact they made on our lives. I will smile when I remember our times together, now and for always xx
    Rest in peace my love!!

  10. Dear Jason,
    I am so very saddened to know that your beautiful mom passed away. I will always remember how fiercely she loved you and wanted the best for you. I know she felt you were such a gift to her- the light of her life! She was so kind and so generous to me and I am so glad I knew her. She is always going to be in your heart and her love will live on through you. I am sending you hugs, love and strength to carry on and live your life with joy. I know that is what your mom would want for you, Jason. Please reach out anytime! 720-326-5514.
    Mrs. Swank

  11. Dear Warren and Jason,

    Patty was an amazing woman, she will be missed by all of us, full of fun & adventure. She was a supportive sister-in-law and we enjoyed sharing her time with Cyndi and Mackenzie and myself. We had some great hiking trips and enjoyed the mountains with her. I loved her enthusiasm for life, her generous nature we had many talks & laughs! I will never forget her she is in my heart forever and at peace. She lived well & enjoyed what she could. Blessings to you both, take care of each other and keep those beautiful memories in your hearts.

  12. To the family of my dear friend Patty,
    Many years escaped us before we connected together after life had separated us.It was a moment that was so special to me when we finally spoke.
    Our plan was to somehow get together again very soon.Well, I am heartbroken to hear of our loss.
    Patty was a remarkable woman of beauty,strength,love and tonacity.She would light up a room wherever she walked into it!Yes,she could sell anything!!!
    One thing that she never had to sell me on was her love for her son, Jason.
    Jason,Mom loves you. That’s for always!
    My love and peace to you all.


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