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John Horan, Jennifer McBride, and Darren Forbes

John Horan

Jennifer McBride
Director of Grief Support & Community Education

Daren Forbes

“My family has been serving Denver since 1890. For over a century our reputations has been unsurpassed. My partners and I work very hard every day to earn the trust and confidence of those we serve.”

John Horan, CFSP 

Do you know Colorado is the least regulated state in the United States and anyone can hold themselves out to do themselves out to do this work without training or experience?

We invite you to watch the videos below as families in our community share their experience of our services.

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During some of the most difficult times of your life, it makes sense to choose quality and expertise. You and your family deserve nothing less.

Horan & McConaty helped me

“Celebrate my mom”

Amy shares how she overcame a great sense of fear, after her Mother’s death. Mary Frances “Fray” Leonard was a nurse by profession and cared deeply for her family. Amy found support and guidance with the staff at Horan & McConaty. We are honored to have her permission to share her experiences with you.

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Horan & McConaty helped us

“Plan in advance”

Steven and Dorie Schaffner live in Parker and have been married for over 51 years. With Vicki Hook, Horan & McConaty Advance Planning Advisor, they were motivated by love of their family to plan ahead so they could get on with living.

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Horan & McConaty helped me

“When I needed it most”

Vi June has been a resident of Westminster, CO for more than four decades. Vi June is a past Democratic state representative for House District 35. She is a former mayor of Westminster and a former newspaper publisher. Mrs. June shares her experience regarding planning services for her husband Bob and why she has now planned for herself with Horan & McConaty.

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Celebrate the life of my husband”

Mary Elizabeth Von Feldt’s husband, Herb, was a well-known singer. Mary Elizabeth included his music as part of his service. With Dan Davis, Horan & McConaty Funeral Director, she created an unforgettable funeral service.

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“Honor our mom”

Liz Castillo and Barb Iredale, talk about their Mother Norma Iredale. Norma loved baking cookies and was famous for always having them on hand for family. They decided to incorporate her love of cookies as part of her final tribute.

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“Plan in advance”

Rick Crandall is the morning show host of The Breakfast Club and program director for 1430AM. He believes it’s a great gift to his family to have his wishes recorded in advance. Rick shares his experience of the planning process and how his perspective has changed about the path his life has been on. We are grateful for Rick allowing us to share his journey with you.

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Dawn W.

Aurora, CO

December 24, 2018


I write to extend the most important “Thank You” of my life.

You, and each person involved in preparing Krys and providing support for his service, have done more for our family than we ever could have expected. Each conversation, question, call, and e-mail was met with remarkable care and professionalism. The team’s empathy and ability to know what to say and how to say it is not a learned skill—it is a unique, innate quality.

Krys was well taken care of in life. I loved being his mother. I needed a lot during the first week after Krys’ death. I needed him to be seamlessly cared for in death, as he was in life. My attentiveness and instinct to nurture him did not change from life to death. I needed you to be an extension of me. And you all were. My hands were on your hands as you cared for him. Your thoughts were my thoughts.

Thank you to those who transported Krys from McKee Medical Center to Horan & McConaty in Aurora. Amy, thank you for your call letting me know when Krys arrived. Amy and JaCobe, thank you for spending so much time with us as we made detailed decisions about Krys’ service, reception, and remains. Tori, Vanessa, and Samantha, thank you all for the warm welcome each time we arrived to see Krys. Vanessa, thank you for your patience as I cried in the doorway the first time I viewed Krys’ body. Marisa and Laleh, thank you for preparing Krys’. We needed to say goodbye, and you allowed us that incredible honor. Thank you for coming up to meet me so I could personally thank (and hug) both of you. Kristen, Dan, Catie, Megan, Tavin, Spencer, Jonathan, Benjeman, Alex, Jake, Evie, Chad, Sal, Sylvia, Monica, and Connor, thank you for all of your help caring for Krys. For dressing him, for moving him, for his peaceful appearance, for making sure he was ready for four viewings, for the beautiful service, for making arrangements to live stream Krys’ service for his Icelandic family, for preparing him (and us) for his cremation, and for allowing us to view and begin his cremation process.

As you may or may not know, your care and expertise in preparing Krys’ body, allowed his 9-year-old son to say goodbye. Every second you spent with Krys gave that little boy opportunities for closure. He had several opportunities to view and touch his father, all of which better prepared him for their final goodbye. Those important experiences and memories will comfort him throughout his lifetime.

Your work allowed our family to feel brave. We could not have done that without you.

Language and words seem far too limiting to express the gratitude we feel. Know our “Thank You” “higher than the sky, deeper than the sea, and bigger than the whole wide world”. Our “Thank You” is eternal.

I have one request of each of you. Please go home tonight and read this letter out loud to your family. Really. Out loud. Thank you.